DocuMental is a digital platform compliant with WHO clinical standards in mental health care. It facilitates early identification of mental health issues through a self-assessment app, provides intelligent referral to appropriate mental health support, ensures prompt access to tele-mental health services, and offers higher quality assessments using an ICD-10 based clinical decision support system. Treatment plans are developed in accordance with international pharmacological and psychotherapy guidelines.

Currently, we are focused on providing free mental health support exclusively to Ukrainian refugees in Estonia, thanks to a grant for a project by NGO Mondo from the United States Department of State.

We aim to support all mental health conditions, offering both pharmacological and psychological treatments.

Prescriptions are generally issued within a few working days following the consultation. Each patient can receive up to three prescriptions, which can be collected at local pharmacies in Estonia.

Our therapists, including psychiatrists and psychotherapists, undergo a stringent verification process, which includes the review of personal data, professional certificates, and confirmations from Ukrainian medical supervisors or the League of Psychotherapy, Psychosomatic, and Medical Psychology.

After completing an online assessment and registering for a consultation, you’ll receive a link for an online session at the earliest available time. Either a computer or smartphone with a camera is required for the consultation. If you need to reschedule or wish to switch therapists, please contact us for assistance via this form.

According to available scientific and clinical evidences in mental health, telemedicine is as effective as face-to-face consultations in terms of clinical assessment reliability, outcomes, and efficacy.

Absolutely, we use the Jitsi platform, ensuring secure and confidential video consultations.

Consultations by psychotherapists are available for all ukrainian refugees. Medications can be prescribed for patients who are at least 18 years old. Younger than 18 year old Ukrainians should be registered by their parent or guardian and come to the first consultation together with the parent or guardian.

The self-assessment is crucial as it provides our specialists with vital information to tailor the best possible support for you. It helps in understanding your needs and ensuring that the care provided is effective and appropriate.

If you are not satisfied with your treatment, we encourage scheduling a follow-up appointment to address any concerns with your therapist. For those requiring long-term mental health support, our platform offers comprehensive treatment plans. If you have any grievances, please reach out through our feedback channel for timely assistance.

If you need to reschedule or wish to switch therapists, please contact us for assistance via this form:


Answer: Due to the occasionally unstable internet connections in Ukraine, you might experience interruptions during your online therapy sessions. If this happens, your first step should be to try rejoining the session using the link provided in your email. Should the connection issues persist, we encourage you to reach out to us for support via this form or call us directly at +372 58 995 995. We are committed to resolving these issues promptly and ensuring your therapy sessions proceed smoothly.

In case of emergencies, immediately contact local emergency services by calling 112 and also inform our team as soon as possible.