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"Thank you. I found the advice very helpful. I feel calmer now."

"I’m very grateful to Kateryna, she explained everything, discussed all the nuances in detail, gave detailed answers and clarifications, I'm very grateful to her."

"I wish doctors advised like this everywhere. Thank you!"

"I’m starting a new chapter in my life with Olena — “without depression”. Thank you, it was professional, no problems, it’s good that there is a follow-up appointment service."

"I thank the doctor for the attention and professional competence."

"A very sensitive and compassionate doctor. I highly recommend!"

"I wanted to thank the doctor for the advice because there is no way to get an appointment with a doctor in my town. Kateryna explained how to deal with my condition very well and what medications I needed for that."

About us

DocuMental is an evidence-based digital diagnostic and treatment platform that provides online mental health support to patients. The platform is run by Estonian mental health clinic The DocuMentalCare. The DocuMental platform has been used in everyday clinical practice since November 2021. In 2024, DocuMental Care clinic is joining hands with Estonian NGO Mondo to offer mental health consultations free for Ukrainian refugees in Estonia. Ukrainian language consultations are provided by verified Ukrainian psychiatrists and psychologists that are members of Ukrainian League of Psychotherapy, Psychosomatic and Medical Psychology. Free consultations are financed by the US embassy in Estonia.



Mental health consultations are provided via the evidence based diagnostic and treatment platform run by Estonian DocuMental Care Clinic.



Mondo is an Estonian organisation aiming to reduce global inequality. Mondo has worked in Ukraine since 2014 offering humanitarian aid, supporting education and mental health services, rebuilding and more.



Leleka is an Estonian NGO supporting Ukrainian refugees. Leleka has been a partner for Mondo and Documental in planning and providing the mental health consultations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

DocuMental is a digital platform compliant with WHO clinical standards in mental health care. It facilitates early identification of mental health issues through a self-assessment app, provides intelligent referral to appropriate mental health support, ensures prompt access to tele-mental health services, and offers higher quality assessments using an ICD-10 based clinical decision support system. Treatment plans are developed in accordance with international pharmacological and psychotherapy guidelines.

Currently, we are focused on providing free mental health support exclusively to Ukrainian refugees in Estonia, thanks to a grant for a project by NGO Mondo from the United States Department of State.

We aim to support all mental health conditions, offering both pharmacological and psychological treatments.

Prescriptions are generally issued within a few working days following the consultation. Each patient can receive up to three prescriptions, which can be collected at local pharmacies in Estonia.

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Mental health consultations are funded by a grant from the United States Department of State through a project by Mondo.